Effectively Helping You

I am a scientist-practitioner who has conducted several research studies, authored numerous journal articles and book chapters, and delivered many research conference presentations. My expertise is cutting-edge, allowing me to bring the most up-to-date, empirically-supported treatments to my specialty areas.

My research background makes me unique as a practitioner, lending special insight and understanding into people’s problems. Those who have worked with me have appreciated my scientific background and how it has given me a sophisticated knowledge of their problems. This has enabled me to effectively deal with their problems and tailor treatment to their needs.

Research brings credibility to my clinical work. My research on the importance of hope in therapy has helped people grow and heal.

Compassionately Helping You

I am warm and compassionate. I am accepting and respectful. I am open and non-judgmental. I strive to be helpful.

I believe that equally important to bringing hope for change is the quality of the therapeutic relationship – an essential element of my clinical work. I offer a safe, comfortable, welcoming space in which you can explore painful experiences. I am sensitive, understanding and caring. I am gentle and patient in my style, working with you to develop an intimate, trusting, safe professional relationship.

I am especially gifted in building strong and sustained relationships with people. My open, non-judgmental and respectful stance permits you to be yourself, embracing your uniqueness and diversity.

I have had many wonderfully rewarding professional experiences working with women and men in therapy, many of whom were of diverse sexuality, race/ethnicity, economic status, disability, language and culture. I welcome opportunities to work with people of different backgrounds who are faced with difficult challenges and life circumstances.

I have enthusiasm and optimism for my clinical work. I believe that hope can be a powerful tool, helping people to grow and heal. I can inspire hope if you are struggling to overcome problems, helping you to move beyond fear, hopelessness and despair toward joy, happiness and abundance in life.

I have a heart for alleviating human suffering.